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  • Alvaro Videla

    Alvaro Videla

    From selling food in the streets to working for top firms in tech
  • Jesse Martin

    Jesse Martin

    If Sketch and React had a Baby
  • Yvan Monneron

    Yvan Monneron

    Privacy is freedom - SnowHaze anonymous VPN
  • Oktawia Kata

    Oktawia Kata

    Why it's time to start caring about web accessibility
  • Rene Pot

    Rene Pot

    Building high performance native mobile apps with Titanium
  • Michelle Sanver

    Michelle Sanver

    Advanced Serialization in PHP with GoLang
  • Marion Schleifer

    Marion Schleifer

    Lightweight and blazing fast web applications with Vue JS and the Hasura GraphQL engine
  • Alina Cvetkova

    Alina Cvetkova

    10 Heuristics of UX Design
  • Vladimir Novick

    Vladimir Novick

    Architecting scalable serverless architectures with GraphQL api
  • Marcin Zasepa

    Marcin Zasepa

    Strangle your legacy with serverless
  • Martin Splitt

    Martin Splitt

    A short history of 2018
  • Stéphane Bisinger

    Stéphane Bisinger

    Coding Outside-In
  • Olga Skurativska

    Olga Skurativska

    Serverless-side rendering with Vue.js
  • Xia Willuhn

    Xia Willuhn

  • David Dal Busco

    David Dal Busco

    Ionic v4 and web components
  • Paul Hayes

    Paul Hayes

    Getting Honest About Mental Health... for digital creatives
  • Jesse Martin

    Jesse Martin

    Stitch it to the man - the one API to rule them all revolution
  • Christian Riesen

    Christian Riesen

    Web Images: You are probably doing it wrong
  • Gianluca Guarini

    Gianluca Guarini

    Smell of Functional Programming
  • Markus Klimmasch

    Markus Klimmasch

    Full-Text Indexing with lucene
  • Alexander Gerasimov

    Alexander Gerasimov

    Lodash Quickdraw
  • Nicolas Ruflin

    Nicolas Ruflin

    Application logging with Elastic Stack
  • Raluca Nicola

    Raluca Nicola

    The cartographic side of the web
  • Martin Splitt

    Martin Splitt

    Semantic, Searchable Webapps
  • Evgeniya Tokareva

    Evgeniya Tokareva

    How I hike the Full-stack mountain - Graduation Project from Propulsion Academy
  • Tiago Henriques

    Tiago Henriques

    The State of Security on the Web
  • Alice Ruppert

    Alice Ruppert

    Making Airconsole
  • Gabriela Patil

    Gabriela Patil

    A writer, a designer and an engineer walk into a bar... – A creative take on structuring software information
  • Nick Niles

    Nick Niles

    "Real" Prototypes For The Win!
  • Beni Buess

    Beni Buess

  • Alvaro Videla

    Alvaro Videla

    Metaphors We Compute By
  • William Candillon

    William Candillon

    Building Apps with React Native
  • Propulsion


    Graduation projects from Propulsion students
  • Jordi Boggiano

    Jordi Boggiano

    Fun with timeszones
  • Nicolas Mattia

    Nicolas Mattia

    A fully functional webapp
  • Francisco Silva

    Francisco Silva

    Secure your web app with CSP
  • Lukas Elmer

    Lukas Elmer

    An Introduction to TypeScript
  • Aleksej Dix

    Aleksej Dix

    Solving unsolved Layout Problems with CSS GRID
  • Timo Horstschaefer

    Timo Horstschaefer

    Modern Single-page Apps with Meteor
  • Kristiine Naska

    Kristiine Naska

    Design Hacks
  • Alain M. Lafon

    Alain M. Lafon

    Introduction to ClojureScript and Functional Programming
  • Memi Beltrame

    Memi Beltrame

    Machine Learning for Designers
  • Fabian Gosebrink

    Fabian Gosebrink

    Real Time web applications with Angular and ASP.NET Core SignalR

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Jesse Martin

Jesse Martin

Web Zürich is one of the best organized Meetups I’ve ever been to. They offer a platform to a wide range of topics and technologies and focus on creating an inclusive environment where all ideas can be heard. I’ve never been to one of their events where I didn’t learn something new or immediately applicable to my day-to-day job.
Chris Perez

Chris Perez

The webzüri meetup is awsome! I met some really nice, friendly and helpful people. I like the vibe and the open minded setting. The speeches are always interesting and you learn a lot. It’s very community driven. I’m so happy that they exist in Zürich!
Moreno Feltscher

Moreno Feltscher

I love attending Web Zürich's meetups because of their diverse audience and topics. It's always a pleasure to meet interesting people from all kinds of backgrounds and talk about all the cool stuff that helps further the web. Thanks to all the organizers for creating such a unique space where everyone feels welcome!
Marion Schleifer

Marion Schleifer

Ihr macht super Arbeit und ich fühle mich immer wohl an euren Events