Next meetups

September 2018

Review and comments:

Smell of Functional Programming

Gianluca Guarini

Functional programming style can be applied pragmatically to our daily javascript to improve the quality and the readability of our code.

We will go through some examples understanding the advantages of a semantic approach vs an imperative programming style.

You will learn how functional programming patterns could let you avoid many bugs in your applications production code.

Full-Text Indexing with lucene

Markus Klimmasch

This talk will explain basic full text indexing features with the example of lucene. I will give a brief introduction of indexes in general, then describe the characteristics of lucene as reverse lookup index. Finally, I will go through the analyzing process and describe full-text features such as stop words and stemming.

Web Images: You are probably doing it wrong

Christian Riesen

Nearly all projects have images in them. So naturally I came across so many things going wrong with images on the web, in way too many projects that I had to collect them and find the better ways to do things. This talk should leave you with an innate sense of dread that you have quite a few horrible mistakes in your work, but also with a hope that you are now armed with the knowledge and potentially tools, to correct them.

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