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When: 27.11.2017 18:30 / Where: Loft Corner, Sihlquai 131, Zürich / Register:

The Anatomy of a Thousand Typefaces

Florian Schulz

A look behind the scenes of my project that aims to analyse visual characteristics of typefaces and to make them explorable through a web interface. Project:

Content Strategy for the Web

Christy Blum

Many web designers and developers rush to create the prettiest page but give little thought to content strategy. Bloggers also fall into the same trap. Why is this? Most users don't care that you've built your site in React or spent hours on web design aesthetics. In this talk, we discuss content strategy and its business value.

SiteXML: the missing part of the web

Michael Zelensky

Most of our time we talk about web technologies. What is the web though? Under the word 'web' we usually mean the WWW, which was developed as long ago as in 1980s and the general concept for it had been described even before that, in 1945. It was long before not only many of the today's web developers were born, but even their parents were not yet brought to this world. However, we are still using that paradigm and the same architecture. No need to mention that since then the world and the web has changed. The 1980s vision of the web and today's vision are really not the same. Do you want to know the difference and how to build the web properly? Come to the talk and find out.

A Cross-Device IDE

Nicolas Kick

In my Master thesis I built a web-based IDE prototype aimed at including mobile devices in the programming workflow to support developers who occasionally work away from the traditional office desk.

When: 18.12.2017 18:30




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