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March 2018

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Open Sourcing your daily work


We all love and use open source software every day. is a Drupal Platform as a Service (PaaS) Provider. Since’s beginnings, it has troubled us to see an open source project like Drupal being hosted on proprietary hosting platforms. Today, we are making conscious decision to change that. We took matter in our own hands and open sourced our platform. I'll talk on why we did it and how we arrived there. The challanges and the rewards that come from opening up your daily work to the world.

Solving unsolved Layout Problems with CSS GRID

Aleksej Dix

Many of us have used flexbox, float and display-inline CSS GRIDS for years, but they felt like a wrong tool to simple page Layout. Web designers are forced to think in abstract forms and build the complex responsive layouts in the their heads first. We'll take a look on current website Designs and Problems and learn how we can solve them by using the new CSS GRID.

The power of co-design

Silvia Schiaulini


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