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When: 24.05.2017 18:30 / Where: Viadukt Bogen D, Viaduktstrasse 93, Zürich / Register:

Scalable Web Applications with 100% Open Source: Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift

Aarno Aukia, CTO

New technologies like Docker, Kubernetes and Openshift make it much easier to run web applications on multiple servers for redundancy and load-balancing. In this talk I will explain how the 100% open-source Docker, Kubernetes and Openshift work and how to run applications on this stack. I will show two or more live examples how to combine them with Git into a complete continuous delivery pipeline.

Go for Web Development

Ivan Jovanovic

Go is already well know for its simplicity and power in the web development domain. Anyway, given that there are many established technologies in this domain already, it is not a go-to tool for many projects or teams. In this short time, I would like to present an overview of its capabilities for web development and how it relates to technologies which are currently more popular.

How we created a central Sketch document as a styleguide

Min Chen

Practical showcase on how to create a design system with resizable nested symbols in Sketch

Past meetups

April 2017

Review and comments:


How many users is a picture worth? - Illustration in interfaces

Tibor Kranjc

While interface standardisation in the form of Apple and Microsoft’s flat design or Google’s Material Design has ushered in an era of user-friendly and easy-to-use tools, even its greatest fans will admit that the resulting similarity of interfaces is also a disadvantage. It brought about three main challenges: how to set our products apart from the competition and overcome the dullness of uniformity, humanizing the product in the process. Tibor argues that illustration is a great solution to this problem. He showed how it can explain use better than words, distinguish our product and make our users identify with it.

Memi Beltrame

Protostrap - A prototyping tool for coding designers

Memi Beltrame

Protostrap is an easy to learn, simple yet effective prototyping tool that let's you build highly interactive prototypes for desktop or mobile in no time. This talk was a shameless plug of why Protostrap eats any other prototyping tool for breakfast, bragging about the things you can do with it and showing why your prototypes will be like the real deal - before the real deal.

Protostrap is an open source framework and free!

Martin Ockajak

Assembly thy Web

Martin Ockajak

In this short talk, we discussed how it could extend the capabilities of the web as a software platform by examining its existing, planned and potential features.


March 2017

Review and comments:

The economy of a keystroke

Kyle Simpson

What do we buy with making fewer or more keystrokes? What is efficient in terms of code and communication? Is syntactic sugar good or bad? We pondered these and more questions...

Growing up with the PHP community

Michelle Sanver

Year 2000 was the year of functions2.php. Today we write fully engineered Object Oriented software. All in the same language. PHP has grown and we as developers and people have grown with the new changes over the years. Michelle showed as what truly changed her life as she grew up being a 12 year old girl learning PHP 4 while women got treated like shit online to today making people's lives better with PHP 7 and an amazing community where we grow further together, men, women and elePHPants alike.

Feature prioritization

Tammie Hutto-Egloff

In this talk, Tammie covered two types of feature prioritization. The first method can be used when there is an overabundance of features, with little guidance (or non-agreement) on how to prioritize them. The second method is a fun game I like to play in usability sessions to help guide the prioritization of a small list of features that are highly debated by the development team.

From zero to love - how to build a great B2B SaaS product

Robin Guldner

Robin showed us what he learned at Avrios from building our product in the past two years

February 2017

Review and comments:


Beni Buess

An introduction to the JS application framework Beni told us why he thinks it's awesome, whats in there, where it's heading.

Video (thanks to denu5 for recording)

"Real" Prototypes For The Win!

Nick Niles

In this demo, Nick showed us some tips and tricks that designers and devs can use to quickly get an HTML/CSS/JS prototype on its feet.

Video (thanks to denu5 for recording)

A writer, a designer and an engineer walk into a bar... – A creative take on structuring software information

Gabriela Patil

At our startup Twygg, our mission is to represent key information about software projects. We showed how our interdisciplinary team went about developing a new visual language about this highly abstract subject. Physical structures started to emerge as we aggregated data and looked for meaningful ways to organize it. Mixing graphical design with data engineering and ontological work has been challenging. However, information is always subjective, and architecting it greatly benefits from different perspectives.

Video (thanks to denu5 for recording)

January 2017

Review and comments:

HTTP Caching

David Buchmann

In this introduction, David took us to explore HTTP and we looked at how a web server can control what may be cached.

Icons: A visual shorthand

Pankaj Juvekar

Pankaj talked about icons and their design, guiding us through their story, what they mean and how to design them.

Framework-agnostic web applications with Redux

Joao Figueiredo

In this short talk we briefly looked at redux architecture, and how to make use of it in React, Angular2 and VueJs. We built together a small application and reused most of its business logic in all these three frameworks.

Slides & Code / Demo

December 2016

Review and comments:

Making Airconsole

Alice Ruppert

Alice shared the learnings from Airconsole after one year of building up a web-based gaming platform


The E*Word or what I learned designing for e-commerce projects

Fabienne Gafner

Fabienne shared insights and findings about ux and usability in e-commerce and how to design product search & listing and checkout pages.

The State of Security on the Web

Tiago Henriques

Tiago gathered Internet-wide data on security and showed us what we can learn from it and get some interesting insights into the state of the global web


November 2016

Review and comments:

Neos - an introduction

Stefan Bruggmann

Stefan gave us an introduction into the Neos CMS and how to build a content-driven platform with it.

Let's Encrypt all the things!

Matthias Indermühle

We learned how to usw the automated Let’s Encrypt CA to get SSL for our websites for free and without the hassle.

Design systems not values

David A.

David talked about how to explain design to make it work in frontend and how to code and respect your designer.

October 2016

Review and comments:

Colors - how to make things prettier by default

David A.

David talked about colours and how they help shaping the visual identity.

Module Loading Everywhere with SystemJS

Gion Kunz

Gion introduced us to SystemJS and JSPM. We looked at real world use-cases & how to solve them with these two.

Conversational UX

Adrian Zumbrunnen

Adrian told us more about making conversational interfaces to create great, intuitive user experiences, even for use cases where "chat" isn't the obvious description at first.

September 2016

Review and comments:

An alternative approach to ES2015 modules bundling

Alberto Piai

In order to introduce ES2015 modules in our legacy codebase, we had to take a different approach than the widely adopted method of using pre-built bundles.
Alberto showed us his solution and explain the reasoning that led to it.

Introduction to Vue.js


Vue.js is a relatively new JavaScript framework that gained a lot of traction over the past year.
Joris gave a short introduction to the framework from his practical experience with it.

Querying GeoJSON with Where2

Fidel Thomet

GeoJSON is a format to store geo data in an accessible way, yet there isn't much tooling to turn this into something consumable for applications easily.
Fidel showed us his tool "Where2" that allows to turn GeoJSON into an API quickly.

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